Check out this new, fun anthology, in which I have a short story.  The book’s called Fish Out of Water, and is the fourth installment in the Guppy Anthology series.  Inside are 22 mystery and suspense stories that (quoting the back cover) “will hook you and reel you in! These tales by rising stars of the mystery field take you cruising through deep waters teeming with danger, thrills, and the unexpected….”

My story is called “Crime on Hold” and is set in 1981 Silicon Valley, before cell phones. My heroine is a receptionist for a wealthy developer who doesn’t like to take phone calls. Her job is rough on a good day with the developer’s wife, contractors, former business partners who want to sue him, etc., etc. etc.,  all trying to get past our receptionist-heroine to the big boss.  One day, a kidnapper calls, saying he has nabbed the developer’s wife and kid. But will the developer take the call???? Or…

The cover alone is worth checking out!

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