Wanted to let you all know about something I am so excited about — getting published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, which has been around since 1941.  My humorous story about the confluence of 1950s culinary tastes and murder, “The Recipe Box,” is in the July/August issue, which is available either in Barnes & Noble stores, which are open, or on-line. Here’s the link:


If you’ve forgotten how creatively Jello, cream of mushroom soup and other processed foods can be combined, read my story.  Seriously, I got some of my ideas from websites like this:


I’ve thrown in a few murders, too, plus torpedo bras and that invitation to drunkenness and wife swapping, the progressive party.  All wrapped in bitchy snark. It was VERY fun to write.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine is America’s oldest and most celebrated crime-fiction publication.  “The best  mystery magazine in the world, bar none,” states Stephen King.