The Donut and The Hole

The Donut and The Hole: A Comic Spy Story Now available on Amazon Kindle: In this humorous story, set in Colorado during the Cold War, an “agency” accountant stumbles on a secret of national – no, international — import.  This wanna-be spy, in the tradition of James Thurber’s Walter Mitty character, has always dreamed of […]

Gift Wrapped in Grass

You are too delicate and so you have to be kept in a vase and watered. You cry too easily so I have to dance and make jokes and tease and pet you. There is the smell of pine and forest crushed in your hair so I have to tame you with bits of food […]

The Stair in the Wall

  Now Available as an Amazon Kindle book:  The Stair in the Wall:  A ‘Love You As You Are’ Children’s Book. Every person and creature in The Stair in the Wall  — as in life — has their idiosyncrasies and faults..and you can be sure someone is going to point out each and every one […]


 A woman living near a Navajo reservation in the Southwestern United States re-awakens the years-old mystery of the disappearance of a young Native American woman when her pick-up truck tumbles into the fictional Littlejack River. The vision of a coyote, the counsel of a wise Navajo woman who is the grandmother of the deceased, and […]

A Village Dog

  Ted reminded Lisa in the morning, as he knotted his tie in the hotel room, that Dave had said that she could have the car today, the car being the Mercedes with the chauffeur paid for by the company in which Ted was driven to the plant every morning. “Okay,” she said. “I’ll send […]


Once there was a rag that the farmwife tore up Before that it was a dress taking shape on the sewing machine Before that a woman pinching fabric between thumb and forefinger at a country store imagining herself pretty in it imagining bodice and waist a hand on that waist a dance a swirl of […]

The Blue Dress

A young woman takes a course entitled “The You” and subsequently finds her identity eroding on the streets of Paris in this darkly humorous but ultimately quite serious award-winning short story about the power of self-help classes to affect an individual’s life. This story won third prize in the Fugue Fiction Contest, judged by Chris […]