My children’s novel The Stair in the Wall is free on Amazon Kindle! For 5 days, December 5th through 9th.

What Reviewers Are Saying about The Stair in the Wall:

This story beautifully portrays life’s difficulties as seen through a child’s eyes and also shows the path past fear and self-pity as it gives us insight into courage and the power of love. There are values in this wonderful novel that will serve any reader – young or old – well past the last page.

Subtler themes involve environmental awareness and a respect for living creatures. Recommended for young and old aficionados of C.S. Lewis who crave a little humor, Roald Dahl who believe in triumph over cynicism, and L Frank Baum who want a heroine who can kick some tail.

…the theme of this new fable; C. S. Lewis’s children are put at risk by Hitler, and they battle evil in a biblical sense. C. Ortalda’s protagonist is threatened by the destruction of the natural environment caused in large part by modern-day corporate greed. Sylvia is a brave and resourceful eco-sabatorista, and I liked the fact that there’s no prince coming to rescue her, although a helpful monkey does throw a spanner in the corporate works.

This is one of the rare books, ostensibly for children, which deals with themes that follow us into adulthood. I hope it becomes well-known in time, and attains such status that children who read it now will in turn hand it down to their children. It’s that kind of story. 

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