The Donut and The Hole: A Comic Spy Story

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In this humorous story, set in Colorado during the Cold War, an “agency” accountant stumbles on a secret of national – no, international — import.  This wanna-be spy, in the tradition of James Thurber’s Walter Mitty character, has always dreamed of acts of heroism which his timid nature and hum-drum job have heretofore denied him. But now he holds in his pudgy hands a secret that could lead to world annihilation, if he, Ed, does not act!  Remembering his father’s admonition to “keep your eye upon the donut and not upon the hole,” Ed ferrets out a conspiracy within his very own agency, realizes that warheads are being transported in potato chip trucks, and tracks a spy to a drop only to find….his estranged wife, Ginger! How Ed handles matters, both domestic and world-changing, and gets his donut, too, is the subject of this tale set in an era of torpedo-shaped bras and cars with rocket-shaped fins.  Bonus: The cover has zero calories.